Sweden Imports Trash

Sweden Imports Trash

Now this article is what I call environmentally savvy! Apparently the great country of Sweden has been importing their trash from neighboring parts of Europe to be used as fuel. Let me repeat that: Sweden is taking trash and making it into energy!

According to the article, “Sweden has recently begun to import about eight hundred thousand tons of trash from the rest of Europe per year to use in its power plants. The majority of the imported waste comes from neighboring Norway because it’s more expensive to burn the trash there and cheaper for the Norwegians to simply export their waste to Sweden. In the arrangement, Norway pays Sweden to take the waste off their hands and Sweden also gets electricity and heat.”

Now for all you naysayers out there: yes, it’s not particularly good because it creates a lot of air pollution. There are also heavy metals in the ash which need to be landfilled. Sweden sends these ashes back to Norway to dispose of.

But let us think for a minute: how much land are they saving by exporting their trash? Wouldn’t Norway have a lot more landfills if they just dumped their trash in there like we do in America? Yeah, they would. I know most people have driven by a landfill before and I think we can all agree that the smell is definitely not pleasant.

While this isn’t a long-term solution, it works very well for now. Sweden gets energy, electricity and heat, and Norway gets free trash removal. What’s not to love?


How Stuff Works

My professor showed my class this video a few weeks back about “stuff”, i.e. the things that we use daily. My mind was seriously blown! How can we let this happen?! Everyone should take a few minutes and watch this video…there’s so much that we can do to help. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Conscious Box

Hi all! So while mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook the other day I saw an add for something called Conscious Box. Being the ad clicker that I am, I followed the link to their website, consciousbox.com. Let me just say that this is by far the coolest ad Facebook has ever shown me (even cooler than those christian dating site ads).

So Conscious Box is basically a website where you can opt to receive a box full of environmentally friendly goodies, as well as healthy alternatives to things we might use in our daily lives. i immediately placed my order for one, because A) who doesn’t love getting stuff in the mail and B) I’m all about that healthy alternative lifestyle. it’s $12 for the box itself and about 8 for shipping and handling, so $20 overall.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about it. What company would want to send me a box full of cool stuff for just $20? I Googled them just to be sure. Turns out they’re perfectly legit! My two favorite reviews can be found here and here.

So I’m excitedly awaiting my first delivery of my Conscious Box. Apparently in May there were some really cool sample sizes of Relax-All, which is a dietary aid that helps relax you so you can fall asleep. As a busy college student I’m definitely hoping something similar comes in this months box!

Conscious Box also offers the option of having your box being packed full of vegan or gluten-free goodies, which is nice for some consumers.

You have the option of subscribing to get a box for one or three months, with a discount offered if you buy in bulk. You can also get a years subscription for a low price!

Their website also gives you a chance to review the products they have sent you to help them better determine what to send out in future boxes. For every product you review you get points, and eventually you can accumulate enough points to get a free box!

The company offers promo codes every once in a while. This month, since I am a first time user, I used the code “FIRSTBOXFREE” so I only had to pay the $8 shipping!

I’ll be sure to post pictures and reviews of everything when it finally comes in the mail…can’t wait to try it all out!

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

The Guardian, one of my favorite sources of news, just published this article about how US lawmakers are trying to fund two gas facilities next to the Great Barrier Reef.

For anyone who has ever seen Finding Nemo, this is where it takes place. If the lawmakers are approved to do this, THEY WILL KILL DORY.

Think about it for a moment: why is the government trying to go all the way to Australia to build these gas death traps? Maybe because they can’t get approved to build them here! Thank you EPA and the Endangered Species Act.

For anyone who has never seen the GBR, here are a few of my favorite images that I pulled up when I ran a Google search:

Now can you imagine putting a monstrous gas facility near there? It would not only wreck the natural beauty, but probably kill a lot of the wildlife that were there first.

Think of Dory, guys.

Cinema Verde

Since I’m currently residing in Gainesville (go Gators!) I thought it might be cool to find an organization around here that is into environmental rights and activism so we could join forces and take over the world while making everyone recycle and saving all the endangered animals. Just kidding.

Big shout out to my boyfriend Derick for helping me out with my quest to find this group. Knowing i was stressed/ready to snap, he took me out to Coffee Culture (which I highly recommend if you’re in town) and it was there I happened upon a pamphlet for an organization called Cinema Verde; literally, Green Cinema. Coffee+pastries+finding the mythical organization= the heavens smiling down on me that day.

Cinema Verde is a very active environmental movement within the Gainesville area. They have an annual arts and film festival which took place this past February 9th-14th. They do film festivals, participate in Artwalk, and even have some really nicely designed t-shirts available for purchase on their website. From the flyer I picked up, it seems like they do an event every month; the upcoming on is called “Say Good-bye to Glaciers” and will take place on November 7th at 6pm in the Oaks Mall Plaza, located at 6741 W Newberry Rd., Gainesville, FL 32605 (for all you GPS people). It’s co-sponsered by Citizen’s Climate lobby, which is another group I’ll have to check out and report back on.

I’ll definitely be at their next event, so if you’d like to meet your friendly neighborhood blogger come on out to the event!