Cinema Verde

Since I’m currently residing in Gainesville (go Gators!) I thought it might be cool to find an organization around here that is into environmental rights and activism so we could join forces and take over the world while making everyone recycle and saving all the endangered animals. Just kidding.

Big shout out to my boyfriend Derick for helping me out with my quest to find this group. Knowing i was stressed/ready to snap, he took me out to Coffee Culture (which I highly recommend if you’re in town) and it was there I happened upon a pamphlet for an organization called Cinema Verde; literally, Green Cinema. Coffee+pastries+finding the mythical organization= the heavens smiling down on me that day.

Cinema Verde is a very active environmental movement within the Gainesville area. They have an annual arts and film festival which took place this past February 9th-14th. They do film festivals, participate in Artwalk, and even have some really nicely designed t-shirts available for purchase on their website. From the flyer I picked up, it seems like they do an event every month; the upcoming on is called “Say Good-bye to Glaciers” and will take place on November 7th at 6pm in the Oaks Mall Plaza, located at 6741 W Newberry Rd., Gainesville, FL 32605 (for all you GPS people). It’s co-sponsered by Citizen’s Climate lobby, which is another group I’ll have to check out and report back on.

I’ll definitely be at their next event, so if you’d like to meet your friendly neighborhood blogger come on out to the event!


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