Sustainable Fishing

Sustainable Fishing

The title itself sounds kind of silly…how is it possible for us to enjoy the deliciousness that is seafood while also helping conserve the species? Every good New Englander has to enjoy a cup of clam chowder once a season and Seattle is famous for its Pike Place Fish Market.

According to Andrew Sharpless, CEO of Oceana, Restoring ocean fisheries in 24 countries could provide a meal for close to a billion people a day. New Englanders can also help ocean ecosystems recover by eating wild fish, choosing small fish, buying fish from the United States and eating mollusks.

It’s well known that farm grown fish are prone to various diseases and deformities. Farmers are genetically modifying our meat to produce the highest profit for themselves. Our world population is ever expanding, which is already putting a strain on our resources. If we continue to harvest our seafood from farms, it strains the land ecosystem.

At the rate we are going we will eventually have to choose between biodiversity and feeding people; I’m not 100% sure everyone would make the right choice.


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