Where do you find plastic in nature?

I work at a grocery store as a cashier. While at work yesterday, I got to thinking about my blog and what I would write my next post on. The answer was in my hands!

Can you name a substance in nature that feels like plastic bags do? I can’t.

I took a trip up to Washington DC last year to visit my friend. While we were checking out at Whole Foods (which is like the Michael Kors of grocery stores), the cashier asked us if we wanted a bag. We were on our way to a wine and cheese party and had four cheeses, two apples, two oranges, a bottle of juice and some grapes. My friend quickly said no and proceeded to scoop everything up of the counter and continue on his merry way. I asked him why he refused a bag. He blew my mind when he said DC had something called a bag tax.

For every plastic bag you get from a grocery store, they charge you 5 cents. WHOA.

I tried to imagine how infuriated my customers would be if I told them that my store was going to start charging them for every bag they used. I spent a good 30 seconds smiling at the thought of the looks on their faces.

But it makes sense. Take a look at these facts about plastic bags. They’re unnatural and end up in a landfill for thousands of years. If we were to impose that 5 cent tax, I bet many people would start using reusable bags. Who wants to pay 5 cents for something that’s going to sit in their kitchen cabinet? The same goes for water bottles- how many do we go through in a year? I know before I bought my bobble I would go through a case of water in about two weeks.

Think about investing in reusable bags (just please, please make sure to throw them in the wash when you do laundry. There’s nothing worse than bagging someone’s groceries in a smelly bag.)


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