+1 for Norway (my new favorite country)

Sorry Sweden, you’ve just been replaced.

Norway announced last Tuesday that in order to combat climate change they will be feeding their army a vegetarian diet once a week. The goal of this is to reduce the intake of environmentally unfriendly foods (i.e., meat). According to the article, “The UN Food and Agriculture Organization attributes 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions to livestock farming.”

Now I know what all you meat eaters out there are thinking: We’re carnivores and always have been! We need meat to survive! Vegetables are unnatural creations!

Slow your roll there, veggie haters. Let me point out that the popular movement of “Meatless Monday” is incredibly popular. And have you tried meat substitutes? My boyfriend went vegetarian a few months ago and introduced me to the wonder that is MorningStar Farms buffalo wings. Not only are they delicious, they’re a lot healthier than other frozen nuggets (which generally aren’t real chicken meat).

The article says that by going meatless on mondays, the diet will cut the army’s meat intake by 150 tons a year.

Now I’m not personally a vegetarian. I enjoy Publix’s blazing buffalo chicken breast from the deli in a sandwich every now and again, and their fried chicken gets me every time. But I do try to limit my meat intake to one or two days a week. I’ve found a multitude of great vegetarian recipes on the internet. I don’t eat salad every day and I don’t snack on carrots. I enjoy coconut curry and hearty potato soups regularly.

Keep an eye out for my next blog, as it will probably be related to this one. I’m feeling inspired.


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